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Alice and the Pirates (アリスアンドザパイレーツ) is a subbrand of Baby, The Stars Shine Bright which features more unusual Lolita styles.


AatP was created in 2004 and has a pirate-punk theme, while still remaining in the realm of Lolita fashion; but features bolder colors and designs. A store devoted to Alice and the Pirates opened in Harajuku in August 2006. It is on the bottom floor of Laforet. Alice and the Pirates popularized the Pirate Lolita style.


The overall aesthetic is completely different to BTSSB, and is characterized by clothes that are in Pirate, Classic, and Military style. There's also many masculine designs, and it's a valueable brand that also manufactures men's sizes. There are often series with an individual theme that might stand out as different style compared to their main styles.


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