Annahouse Fashion is a lolita brand that is based in Beijing founded in 2004. They mainly release Sweet Lolita dresses, but also have a small handful of Classic and even Gothic-friendly pieces.


"Anna House is a Hong Kong based Lolita fashion brand. We specialize sweet and elegant clothing. We want to diffuse pretty dreams thought adorable dresses, like butterflies spread pollen, let more flower grows, let our world more beautiful."

General pricing and sizesEdit

Prices used to be listed in Hong Kong Dollars, which had the potential to scare off many customers because on first glance it looked like they were selling dresses for $600 USD. They have since switched over to USD. Genreally conidered a budget brand because of the low prices. Blouses tend to fall between $30-$50, skirts around $50, and dresses for between about $80-$120.

Anna House offers multiple sizes, as well as bespoke sizes at an additional fee for a custom fit.

Over-seas shipping - How To OrderEdit

They are generally considered an easy to order from shop, as they cater towards the Western market. Their guide to ordering/FAQ is here.


They offer a rang of Lolita pieces, from skirts, blouses, dresses, to headbows and even include socks, shoes, petticoats as well as matching dresses for BJDs. They have also offered commission/customized dresses in the past.

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