Atelier Boz

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Atelier BOZ was a japanese brand focusing on Gothic Lolita clothing. Founded by Takashi Shibata, the brand had become well known since its initial creation in 1995 as a purveyor of sleekly cut, well shaped gothic items. Black was usually the color of choice, but unlike many other gothic clothing brands, Atelier Boz remained fairly simple and elegant. After a run of 25 years, the brand announced its closure in August 2021.


After graduating from the Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo, Japan, Takashi Shibata spent three years studying in Paris. Returning in 1995 to Japan, Takashi founded Boz Studios. Atelier Boz was created shortly thereafter and has since gone on to become the studios primary label.

Promotional Methods

Atelier Boz was well known for its use of live musicians and visual advertising, promoting its newest collections through Visual Kei and Gothic themed J-Rock bands on television and in magazines. Their clothing had appeared on multiple television programs, in many of the largest Lolita publications including the Gothic & Lolita Bible and on many well known musicians in Japan.


Atelier Boz was known for its wide array of both gothic style clothing and elegant accessories. They carry everything from lace chokers to jackets, blouses, skirts, dresses, vests, top hats, and watches. Both men’s and women’s clothing are made available in matching styles and with multiple different cuts and monochromatic combinations.

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