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Bodyline is a japanese brand focusing on budget Lolita and Cosplay clothing. Although its not considered a "proper" Lolita brand, it's still highly recommended for beginners due to its cheap prices.


Because of the lower prices, Bodyline is a good choice who are new to the fashion or those who don't have a high budget. However, prices tend to fluctuate greatly, and often increase short before sales start. There's a wide range of products, making it easy to buy a whole Lolita outfit at once. The size range is usually S-XL (2L), but there's also many plus-size releases that go up to XXXL (4L). The measurements of the individual garnments can vary greatly even within the same size, so it's always a good idea to have a look at the description in order to figure out which size to order. There's also Lolita starter kits where you can get a simple Lolita outfit for a decent price.

The main stores are located in Harajuku and Osaka, but it's easy to order from their online shop as they ship global.


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