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Bodyline is a Japanese based clothing company that is most known for starting out, and also still being, a lingerie and sexy cosplay shop. They started out selling many cheaply made and cheaply priced poorly designed Lolita dresses, but in the past 4 or so years they have "gone legitimate" and started designing better "real" Lolita clothes, even making their own custom prints and styles that are on par, if not in quality, at least in design, with some brands. Hiring Yoshiko as a designer was one of Bodyline's biggest steps in releasing actual Lolita pieces.

Bodyline's Infamy Edit

Bodyline is infamous for being known as a shady company, despite their cute designs and good deals. Some of their more infamous things include:

  • Being known primarily as a sexy lingerie shop in Japan.
  • Releasing many questionable Ita designs.
  • Releasing illegal print replicas of several Angelic Pretty and Innocent world dresses.

General pricing and sizesEdit

Because of the lower prices, Bodyline is a pretty good choice for beginners or Lolitas on a budget because you can routinely pick up nicely constructed and designed Lolita dresses for between $35 and $70. However, prices tend to fluctuate greatly, prices sometimes going up and down for no clear reason.

Sizes also fluctuate greatly, some items only being offered in one size, while others offered in multiple sizes. Even size names (which are usually listed as S, M, L, 2L, with larger L's occasionally offered) do not have the same measurements throughout the site. However, individual measurements for the sizes of each garment offered are listed on the page, so it's easy enough to find which size for which piece you need to order.


Considering Bodyline was, and to an extent still is, a sexy cosplay shop, everything they offer is not meant to be Lolita. They also sell a variety of cosplays, punk clothes, lingerie, and misc. accessories.

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