Classic Lolita is often considered a more mature style that tends to be more historically inspired than other styles. It tends to focus more on elegance and less on cuteness. It also tends to look more toned-down than other styles, as some Classic dresses could even pass for fancy "event" dresses. This style can sometimes border either on Sweet or Gothic Lolita.


A Classic Lolita

Typical Classic Lolita dresses are usually of more muted colours such as dusty pastels and jewel tones. Classic Lolitas tend to use cream/off-white as their outfit's neutral color rather than stark white.

Floral prints and solid colors are a common choice, although fancier or cuter prints are also seen.

"A-Line" instead of bell-shaped skirts are also much more common in Classic Lolita than in other styles.

Headwear includes round or thin rectangle headdresses, headbows (smaller bows are often preferred to head-eating bows), hair corsages/flowers, or elegant hats.

Examples of Classical Lolita brands include Victorian Maiden, Mary Magdalene, Innocent World and Juliette et Justine.

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