Lolita Fashion Wiki

Classic Lolita (クラロリ) is a style of Lolita that is highly inspired by historic fashion. It radiates the elegance of a victorian lady, and appears more mature than other Lolita styles.



Classic Lolita tends to have more streamline A-line skirt shapes and skirts tend to be longer than what you would see in Sweet Lolita. Tea length skirts (skirts which come to the mid calf) are popular, and underskirts (a plain slip-like skirt with a lace ruffle at the bottom) can be used to lengthen a knee length dress to tea length.

Classic Lolita pieces tend to feature heirloom details like pintucks, ruffles, and other sewn details.


Solid color pieces, florals, and stripes are common in classic along with prints featuring motifs like crowns, fleur de lis, crests, antiques, animals, architecture, and reproductions of old master paintings. Animals and fruit prints in Classic Lolita tend to have a realistic or antique look to them, as opposed to the more cartoon or fantasy like styles favored by Sweet Lolita.


Different to most other Lolita styles, flat shoes are very uncommon in Classic. There are many higher heeled shoes with straps as well as victorian style boots.

Hair and Makeup

The hair is usually kept natural in various shades of blonde, brown, and black. The styling can be pretty much anything, but usually doesn't go very extreme. Of course, there are some people who curl their hair, but it's not as extreme as old-school sausage curls. It's possible to use a wig, but it's rather uncommon. Natural-looking makeup is prefered to give off a mature elegance.