Cosplay Lolita is the term used when someone is wearing Lolita while cosplaying. This may mean that they are cosplaying as a charcter who wears Lolita or Lolita-like fashions, a Lolita version of a character, a heavily themed Lolita outfit, or are simply wearing Lolita for purely cosplay purposes.

The distinction between Lolita and Cosplay Lolita is that while Lolita is intended to be a street fashion, Cosplay Lolita is being worn as a costume.

Although this might not always apply, the quality of these clothes tend to be inferior quality, including things like raschel lace or lower quality fabrics. Some lolitas don´t consider Cosplay Lolita an actual kind of lolita and put them inder the "ita" tag; this has been a source of discussion in several social circles as some people find it demeaning for the ones who take the fashion more seriously.

Cosplay Gothic Lolita Haruhi by Street Angel
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