Kountry lolita

Ah, let's relax in pretty country Lolita

Country lolita is a Lolita style inspired by the vast open countryside and often, Victorian farms.

Country Lolita is often a mix of Sweet Lolita and Classic Lolita, leaning more towards Classic Lolita most of the time. The Country Lolita style is often marked by the use of wicker or straw accessories such as basket purses or straw hats. Sometimes the addition of straw accessories are the only defining feature between Country and Classic or Sweet Lolita.

Outfits are often kept very simple and tend to be youthful and cute in nature. Dresses tend to be made of gingham or all-over floral prints in light colors.

In Country Lolita, a blouse is more optional than other sub-styles of lolita.

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