Lolita Fashion Wiki

Cult Party Kei (カルトパーティー系) is a japanese vintage fashion with a focus on many sheer layers and religious imagery. The name derived from the store Cult Party which popularized that style, but isn't actually used in Japan.


Usually, the base of any Cult Party Kei look is a white babydoll-style nightgown.  From there, you can pair the look with things like long nightgowns, silky robes, merch from popular anime, country patterns, religious motifs, even borrow some elements from Lolita fashion. The colors tend lean towards the soft pastel end of the spectrum with lots of white, although it's not unusual to see stronger colors like red and darker pinks in the Cult Party Kei look. 

Makeup tends to be vintage-inspired and borrows from the Antique Kei fashion, even utilizing fake eyelashes and cosmetic lenses for a cat-eye appearance. Eyebrows will often have a straighter appearance to give a "cutesy sad" look.  Lips are often a very bright red.