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Enchantlic Enchantilly (アンシャンテリックアンシャンテリー) is a japanese brand focusing on Classic Lolita clothing. Its name is a word play using english and french with a meaning along the lines of "I'll cast magic on everyone!".


The concept of the brand is mysterious clothes that are both elegant and cute, and sometimes give a gothic impression. The clothes are kind of glossy and characterized by eye-catching prints. Their most distinctive feature is unique illustrations featuring cute animals, and a wide range of accessories. They also produce many lifestyle goods such as phone cases, stickers, card holders, glasses cases, badges, book covers, clear files, scarves, etc., so it's highly recommended for those who want to integrate Lolita into their everyday life.

There's no own local stores, but an online shop is available where you often get freebiews with large orders. They also take part in local and international events.

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