Lolita Fashion Wiki


brand - used often in reference to “major” brands like Angelic Pretty, Innocent World, Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, etc. Ex: “I’d like to purchase some nice brand blouses.” Also just refers to actual brands in general, major or otherwise.

colorway - a piece from the same series in a certain color. Ex: “There are four colorways for the original Milky Planet: black, pink, sax, and yellow. My preferred colorway is pink.”

comm - short for “community”, a term used to refer to groups of Lolitas, either online or in real life.

coord - [co-ord] short for “coordinate”, a term used to refer to one’s Lolita outfit.

DA - abbreviation for “direct auction”, used in sales communities. Used when one is hosting an auction for an item.

decoden - a style of decorating items using rhinestones, cabochons, clay pieces and (optionally) silicone/soft clay piped in a way similar to whipped cream. Often done to hard items, such as phone/handheld gaming device cases, contact cases, boxes, etc. Can also be modified to be a verb (Ex: “I deco’d this phone case / I’m deco-ing this phone case”). Not to be confused with decora, which is another j-fashion unto itself.

DS - abbreviation for “direct sale”, used in sales communities. Used for when one wants to only sell an item.

DT - abbreviation for “direct trade”, used in sales communities. Used when one wants to only trade an item.

handmade - a piece that is made by hand either by the original poster themself or by another artisan, and was not mass-produced. Ex: “This bracelet was handmade, it’s by [artist].”

j-fashion - short for “japanese fashion”. Used to refer to any japanese street fashion style, including but not limited to: Lolita, otome kei, decora, fairy kei, mori girl, etc.

JSK - abbreviation for "jumper skirt".

kawaii - [kah-wa-ee] japanese for “cute”.

KC - abbreviation for katyusha, japanese for headbow.

loliable - portmanteau of “Lolita” and “useable”. Used when an item is not necessarily made for Lolita specifically, but can be used in a coord.

offbrand - anything used in a coord that isn’t from a Lolita brand, or any other j-fashion brands for that matter. Ex: “My cardigan is offbrand; it’s from Forever 21.”

OP - abbreviation for “one piece”.

OTK - abbreviation for “over the knee socks”.

OTT - abbreviation for “over the top”, used to refer to very fancy and detailed Lolita outfits.

petti - short for "petticoat”.

sax - short for “saxon”, refers to a specific color of blue often used in Lolita.

SK - abbreviation for "skirt".

SS - abbreviation for “shopping service”.

twinning - the act of matching another person’s coord, either by wearing the same cut and/or colorway of the dress/skirt, or by going as far as trying to match up every aspect of the coord to one another. When three Lolitas do this instead of the standard two, it’s referred to as “tripletting” or “being triplets”.

WTB - abbreviation for “want to buy”, used in sales communities. Used when one is interested in buying a certain item, and is trying to find a seller.

WTC - abbreviation for “want to commission”, used in sales communities. Used when one is interested in commissioning a custom piece, and is trying to find an artist.

WTT - abbreviation for “want to trade”, used in sales communities. Used when one is interested in trading a piece for something else.