Hime Lolita

Hime Lolita (literally Princess Lolita) is a Lolita substyle featuring royal and elegant themes. The style takes inspiration from the Hime Gyaru fashion while still keeping the Lolita silhouette. Or, for the Himelolis leaning more towards the Classic style, inspiration from the Rococo period is very common. Common themes are miniature crowns, pearls, lace gloves and high heels. Sometimes the dresses may be shorter than most lolita dresses.

Hime Lolita is a very over-the-top style, dresses will have many frills, ribbons and are usually pink or white. Common prints are floral and regal prints such as crowns and tiaras etc. Jumperskirts are often worn blousless, or with very elaborate, flared sleeve blouses.

Hime Lolita hairstyles can range from typical Sweet Lolita hair, to very elaborate, curly updos, sometimes extra long wigs are worn.

Shoes are often high heeled, taking inspiration from the iconic shoes worn in Himegyaru released by the Gyaru brand Jesus Diamante.

Makeup can either be subtly or full-on Himegyaru, false eyelashes and elaborately decorated false nails are commonly worn by Hime Lolitas.

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