Lolita Fashion Wiki

Hime Lolita (姫ロリ) is a style of Lolita that focuses on a princess-like appearance that is often OTT. It can look very similar to Classic Lolita, but there are many decorative elements borrowed from Sweet.



Dresses consist out of several layers of ruffles and details. Jumperskirts are often worn without a blouse. This takes away the child aspect and makes the look more elegant. When a blouse is used, however, it usually has a square or heart neckline with flared sleeves, made out of chiffon. For a more mature look, a corset can even be used.

Usually, the hemline of the dress is worn on or just above the knees, but it can be longer as well. It’s a difficult style to pull off for beginners, as it can be hard to coordinate such details without ruining the whole look. The quality of the material also needs to be rich in order to achieve that princess look.


The colour palette of a Hime Lolita usually consists out of lighter shades. Colours that give off that innocent vibe, such as pale pinks, baby greens and white. Other options are mint green and pale yellow. Sometimes darker colours can be used for a more Gothic-inspired look. Because of this colour scheme that’s quite similar to Sweet Lolita, it’s quite easy to confuse the two. Hime Lolita has a more of a layered look to it, however.

Hair and Makeup

Hime Lolita hairstyles can go from more casual to very over the top princess hairdos. Usually, the styling involves curls.

Wigs can be worn to exaggerate the effect. These are some of the most worn styles: 

  • A traditional hime haircut – The bangs are straight with short locks on the front and runs longer on the back.
  • Elegant and big teased hair
  • Elegantly curled


For headwear, items such as bonnets and crowns are perfect for that regal look. Rose headdresses are also very common. Wear gold, silver jewellery or pearls. Necklaces or rings with either roses or little bows add for a nice little detail. Adding some ruffles or wearing lace gloves makes the whole look complete.

Elbow-length gloves or longer can be used in the winter. Paper or lace fans decorated with pearls, roses or rhinestones can be used in the summer. Purses are in general kept rather simple and have some pearl or ribbon details on them. Socks are usually at either knee or ankle length. They can have details such as lace, frills, little bows or patters a such as cakes or stripes. Opaque or lace tights can, however, create a more elegant look.


The shoes that are often worn clearly take their inspiration from the victorian era, and are often high heeled. Mary Jane’s, with either a heel, flats or even rocking horse shoes can be worn. The important part is that it adds that girly princess feels to your outfit.