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Innocent World is a japanese brand focusing on Classic Lolita clothing. It is inspired by the classical european style of designer Yumi Fujiwara.


The concept of IW is a new era of young lady fashion based on adorable yet elegant design. It's style is often a little bit sweeter than most Classic Lolita brands. In general, their releases vary a lot in the measurments despite sharing the same size label, but often feature a waist tie for adjustments. There's a wide variety of blouses that are easy to mix and match with any main piece. There's also a series called "Innocent World White" that has a focus on toned-down clothes for daily wear, and is also cheaper than their main line.

They have a store in Osaka, Nagoya, and Shinjuku, but also an online shop, and outsource to few Lolita fashion retailers. Both reservations and sales always start on friday.


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