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A group of Lolitas in the general LA area

International Lolita Day, often abbreviated to ILD, is a day set aside for meet-ups around the world. It is hosted bi-annually every year - once on the first Saturday of June and then the first Saturday of December - to allow Lolitas of all styles to dress up in both their Summer wear and also their Winter wear.

"Lolita Day" was first coined on the EGL Community on LiveJournal, but has since gained traction worldwide, with many Lolitas gathering in major cities.

Meet-ups are often hosted on other days of the year. There is no one person making "official" ILD meet-ups, such meet-ups are simply decided upon within local communities.

Lolitas who do not have an active local group will often set aside this day to get dressed up anyways, and will sometimes plan something special to do by themselves.