Ita is a slang term used to describe an Lolita outfit that is painful or hard to look at. It comes from the Japanese word 'itai', which means 'ouch' or 'painful'. Most Ita are newbies of the fashion.

Typical Ita features include: cat ears (or any type of animal ears); cheap, bad quality lace (and lots of it); dresses made of cheap satin; odd colour combinations; legwarmers and armwarmers; oddly shaped and ill-fitting dresses; dresses that go over the top on bows or corsets; referring to non-Lolita styles as Lolita.


Waaaay too much lace, darling!

How to Avoid Being an Ita Lolita Edit

The best way to avoid being labelled an Ita is to wear good-quality clothes that fit the Lolita aesthetic and fit yourself. If your outfit looks like a cheap costume, or was actually intended to be one, it will most likely be considered Ita by many. If you are on a budget, there are many cheaper sources for Lolita clothes, such as Taobao or Bodyline. If you're buying from a source you're not sure of the quality, it's best to avoid dresses that look like they're made of anything shiny or have a lot of contrasting lace, as these will generally be where corners will be cut and have a greater chance of being made out of cheap materials.

To avoid being labeled an Ita, you might also want to make sure you know how to coordinate your new dress, and that your outfit is complete. A nice Lolita dress, even if it's from a major Lolita brand, can still be considered Ita if it is very poorly coordinated. A petticoatless dress with a pair of sneakers or flipflops is a very common Ita mistake.

Another Ita mistake is to attempt to make a complete Lolita outfit out of non-Lolita clothes. Just because something has lace or ruffles on it does not necessarily make it Lolita. Offbrand and non-Lolita clothes can easily be worked into a Lolita coordinate, but very rarely do they have the proper aesthetic, shape, and materials as Lolita outfits, so it can be incredibly difficult to make an outfit entirely out of them without the outfit looking "off".

Another tip on how to avoid being an Ita is to NEVER use Halloween store clothes. Just because your local Halloween store packs a way too short skirt with a top with lace and fishnet stay ups in a plastic bag and labels it as "Lolita", does NOT mean it's related to Lolita fashion.

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