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Lolita Fashion Wiki ( was officially launched on September 14, 2011, as a useful resource for newcomers and clueless individuals as well as a place for experienced Lolitas to share their knowledge.

Lolita is not only very a multifaceted fashion, but also kind of complex from the viewpoint of a person that is just starting out. The core of this Wiki is mostly based off of Japanese Lolita sources for the sake of accuracy, and therefore may contain terms and definitions that are lesser known in western circles. Together, we want to create an educational Wiki dedicated to Lolita fashion. Not only does this contain the various Lolita styles and brands, but also informative articles that provide background information on all things Lolita.

  • Only post verified information - There is already plenty of misinformation floating around, we don't want to spin a rumor mill.
  • Keep articles neutral - Even if some style is not your cup of tea, try to stay professional.
  • No copy+paste texts - You are welcome to quote other places, but please write your own content.
  • No "Google Translate" - Poor quality translations are one of the main reasons for misinformation being spread by articles, make sure to check the accuracy with a fluent speaker.
  • No questionable sites -There's many shady places out there when it comes to buying Lolita fashion, we don't want to support scammers or overpriced resellers.
  • No picture spam - Articles shouldn't have more pictures than they have text, please keep galleries to a max. of 6 examples.
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It's not unusual to be worried about how to put your outfit together in Lolita fashion. This article will summarize easy-to-understand methods on how to create a good outfit. It can also be applied to other fashions beyond Lolita.(...)
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