Lolita Fashion Wiki

Halloween has become a established event all around the world, and there are many people who look forward to what kind of costume they will wear. There are many fun ways you can wear a proper Lolita outfit at Halloween, whether it be in the form of Halloween-themed prints or an actual costume.



"Alice in Wonderland" has always been a very popular theme in Lolita fashion, making it easy to find suitable clothes. Regardless of the style, there are many prints that feature its imagery. Even if you don't have the matching accessories from a Lolita brand, you're very likely to be able to buy what's missing from a costume shop.

Outfits directly based on Alice's appearance are also often sold by Lolita brands, so it's easy for them to double as Halloween costume. Even if you don't buy everything from a single brand, it's important to match the lenght of the skirt part and the apron. It's recommended to choose an apron with a slightly shorter lenght than the dress so that more of the outfit is visible.


Red Riding Hood.jpg

The next recommended options would be fairy tales, such as Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Snow White, and many others which often inspire the various releases of Lolita brands. There aren't as many options as for Alice, but most brands have released some pieces along those lines.

There are many fun ways you can integrate elements of the stories into your Lolita outfit, like Little Red Riding Hood having fake flowers and sweets in her Halloween basket and Snow White will bring candy poison apples.


Maid-like outfits that come with an apron and headdress are also common releases of Lolita brands. It's also very popular because it's very easy to wear in your favorite Lolita style. If you like Classic Lolita, you might want to look at stores that sell traditional maid outfits, instead of Lolita brands. If you're a maid, don't forget the matching props, like a feather duster for example.


If you want to make your outfit appear more Halloween-like, it's also recommended to dress up as a witch. Not only is it very easy to do with Gothic Lolita, but even Sweet Lolita brands like BTSSB will release witch-style hats and clothes around this time of the year.


There are plenty of releases by Lolita brands which feature animals, making it very easy to use them as a base of an animal costume as you only need to add the matching ears. It depends on the temperature of the day, but if the hood of your Lolita outerwear has ears, you might as well use it as part of your costume while going trick-or-treating.