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Milk is a japanese brand that's considered one of the original Harajuku fashion brands and one of the oldest Lolita brands. Started in 1970 in the heart of what became Tokyo’s Harajuku shopping district, Milk has long been synonymous with the early days of the Lolita fashion trend. Today, the Lolita influence on the brand's clothing is not nearly as pronounced as it once was, presenting a more elegant, wearable brand of both men’s and women’s clothing which appeals to Lolitas and more mainstream shoppers.


Milk is best known for its combination of casual clothing and elegant Lolita designs into single outfits that work for wearing down the street in Harajuku or around the house. Consisting of things like polkadotted 1960s inspired dresses, cute pink camasols and thin panted jeans, the line is overly practical while remaining true to its roots. A large number of accessories, including head adornments, umbrellas, bags, and shawls add depth to the line and floral prints and designs as well as small fruit like pictures. Generally, the brand can range between everything from Lolita style dresses to retro 1950s-1960s clothing depending on the season and the designer’s take.

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