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1. One Size Fits All? Edit

A lot of lolita stores have a one-size garment, and most garments are one-size. These will be with elasticated waists, but may be too short or long. A long skirt is simply altered and a short skirt should be able to have a new panel at the bottom to make it longer.

Another thing to add, if you are a bigger sized Lolita (US size 12+), shirred JSKs are highly recommended. Luckily many brands release shirred JSKs.

2. I brought from a rogue site! Edit

If you get scammed then you need to know that you have the law on your side! Though there are numerous loopholes within a rogue site, you should be able to report the site. You may not get your money back and you may pay too much for utter garbage. However, when you know about an aweful rogue site, report them and write a lot of reviews on this Wiki and the EGL comm and add images - you never know when a person may be happy and may reward you for your efforts.

3. I love Gothic AND Ama/Kote! Edit

One style would be easier to follow, however, you are able to go all out for both styles! Though it would be expensive, both styles would have the same foundations, bar the underwearing. A simple white blouse goes for both styles, and a white cape also works well. Just see what goes where.

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