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Punk Lolita is a sub-style of Lolita that is inspired by British punk and uses similar motifs such as tartan, deconstruction, chains, studs, and safety pins.

It is inspired by Vivienne Westwood and her influences in the UK. Unlike British punk style, Punk Lolita can consist of frilly skirts paired with cutsews or a more delicate blouse with a tougher skirt or pant, and then accessorized with feminine accessories to lighten the look. Your outfit should follow the basic Lolita silhouette rules and should include a bell-shaped skirt that falls at about the knee, although Punk Lolita skirts are known to be a little bit shorter than your average Lolita skirt.

Common punk motifs include playing card suits, skulls, and grungy or slightly creepy cute characters.

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