Lolita Fashion Wiki

Punk Lolita (パンクロリ) is a style of Lolita that is inspired by western Punk fashion and also one of the most challenging.


Punk Lolita comes generally in two forms, first is an outfit that conforms to the general shape of Lolita, a bell shape knee length skirt (or a bit shorter for this style) but without as many clean lines as the other styles. Accessories and fabric choice are very important to this style: deconstructed fabrics and fishnets are a good choice, as are chains and studs. Also layering is key to this style! A Punk Lolita outfit is not simple; wearing a studded belt over your skirt doesn't make your outfit punk just as wearing a plaid fabric doesn't make your outfit punk.

The second form of Punk Lolita is an outfit that has a lighter feeling than a normal punk outfit and takes considerable inspiration from the Lolita style but doesn't quite conform to the general shape. It is a much girlier punk outfit with frills or bows. Though skirts may not be knee length and bell shaped shaped they are still not skin tight and crotch length.

Makeup of course can be a bit heavier for Punk style than with the Sweet or Classic styles.