Rocking Horse Shoes

Rocking Horse shoes are shoes commonly worn by Lolitas. They have a large wooden or foam platform that tapers upwards towards the toe of the shoes so create a curved edge that rocks or tilts when you walk, Most rocking horse shoes also have a small cut out at the back of the heel. Rocking horse shoes can range from around £20 in price to £270 depending on material, brand and quality.

The original rocking horse shoe was designed by Vivienne Westwood in London. Since then, many styles and colours of rocking horse shoe have been designed and made. The original features a leather upper and a wooden sole, but it is common for rocking horse shoes to be made of faux leather and have a high density foam sole, so that the shoe is lighter and easier to walk in. Platform height usually ranges from 6cm to 9cm.

Mary jane rhs

Mary Jane Rocking Horse shoes

The most common design of the Rocking horse shoe is the ballerina, which featured long leather or faux leather

straps that criss cross around the leg, some ballerina style rocking horse shoes can have ribbon fastenings

instead of leather ones, however some argue that the ribbons are not as durable or safe and the leather/faux leather ones. Other popular styles of rocking horse shoe include the boot, the mary jane and even tea party style rocking horse shoes.

Rocking Horse shoes are commonly found in Gothic, Sweet, Punk and Kodona substyles, they are uncommon in Classic Lolita, as many consider them too inelegant.