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Royal Princess Alice (ロイヤルプリンセスアリス) is a japanese brand focusing on Sweet and Guro Lolita clothing by Kimura U.


The concept of RPA is a world view inspired by Alice in Wonderland, and the designs are often cute, mysterious, and twisted. Many of the prints are collaborations with various Lolita artists, thus the overall style can vary. While they mainly create Sweet Lolita clothing, there's also many Guro, Wa, and Qi Lolita releases. They use special material that is not prone to static electricity, and they are very particular about lining.

There are no own local stores, so they mainly manage their releases by the means of their online shop as well as Lolita fashion retailers. Since everything is made-to-order, you can easily buy a release with a reservation, but highly sought-after collabs can often sell out in a matter of minutes.

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