Lolita Fashion Wiki

Sailor Lolita (セーラーロリ) is a style of Lolita that is very much inspired by japanese sailor uniforms and nautical motifs.


Sailor collars, dark blues, and whites are often key factors in recognising this style. Nautical motifs are often used in this style; symbols such as ship anchors and wheels make very cute additions to this style.

Like most Lolita styles the same bell-shaped skirt is expected, quite often this skirt may be pleated, and the outfit may often include a puffed-short-sleeved blouse with pockets. Although striped socks may not work with a lot of Lolita styles, they often look nice when coordinated into a Sailor Lolita outfit.

Again minimal makeup with suit this style, including some lip-gloss to stop your lips from cracking if you'll be out near the sea!

Sailor style Ouji also exists, where the skirt is swapped for a pair of shorts that are reminiscent of a sailor uniform. It’s important to note that a school uniform skirt is not the same shape as a Sailor Lolita skirt, and they are not interchangeable.