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Sheglit is a japanese brand focusing on Gothic Lolita clothing, and the designer is Satomi Imai from the now defunct Black Peace Now. Sheglit was founded in July 2013 after BPN closed in March 2013.


The concept of Sheglit is "A piece of clothing that expresses you, which makes you feel like yourself, and keeps shining dignified forever". Their Gothic Lolita designs have a elegant and modest atmosphere, so it's not unusual that even Classic Lolitas will be attracted to this brand. Most of their releases are black, but there's also navy, bordeaux, and white, as well as many highly detailed prints. Not only the clothes, but also the accessories have an unique aesthetic. There are many layered designs with beautiful embroidery and lace patterns.

There is a small atelier shop in Harajuku, but most releases are exclusive to the online shop.


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