Lolita Fashion Wiki

Steam Lolita (スチームロリ) is a style of Lolita that is the combination with Steampunk fashion which is a western style that revolves around a futuristic victorian era.


Steam Lolita takes elements from both into the outfit, including Lolita's trademark silhouette and details, as well as Steampunk's trademark props and accessories. The color palette is generally inclined to the colors usually used in Steampunk, such as brown, cream, or bronze.

Leather and bronze or brass accessories are commonly found in Steam Lolita coordinates. Steam Lolita outfits can be found throughout the Steampunk-to-Lolita spectrum, from outfits that are simple Steampunk outfits with a shorter and poofier skirt, to outfits that are closer to Classic Lolita with a few Steampunk themed accessories.

Steam Lolita is often considered more of a special occasion outfit, because due to it's highly thematic and prop-centric style, it can appear costume-like and not normally suited for daily wear. However, giving it's somewhat Classic Lolita inclined aesthetics, it's not difficult to work a few minor Steampunk elements into a Classic Lolita coordinate and wear Steampunk inspired coordinates on a more casual basis.