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Sweet Lolita

Sweet Lolita is the most 'child-like' and one of the most popular of the lolita styles. There is a heavy emphasis on looking cute and girly. Sweet Lolita dresses often feature pastel colors, lots of ruffles, bows, and cute themed prints.

Many people mistake OTT (or over-the-top

A split wig, common in modern Sweet Lolita

) Sweet Lolita as the only kind of Sweet Lolita that there is, but many Sweet Lolita outfits can be just as simple or complex as any other style of Lolita.

Anatomy Of Sweet LolitaEdit

Silhouette Edit

Sweet Lolita follows the basic Lolita sillouete. Bell Skirts, JSKs, and dresses, are usually worn with bloomers to create the typical bell silhouette mostly associated with this substyle.


Common motifs for sweet lolita include, but are not limited to, desserts, berries, children books, and fantasy elements. Animals and flowers are also quite common. Colors are usually baby pinks, blues, white and pastels. Darker or Jewel colors could be used, but usually only small amounts as that takes us into the Bittersweet Lolita fashion, the mixing of pastels and darker, bolder colors. Neons are rarely used.

Hair and MakeupEdit

Hair can be worn in pigtails, down, bun or odangos, or braids, but rarely ponytails. A common style is curled hair and this often gives a softer shiny look, usually in pigtails. Pastel colored and split colored wigs have become more popular with sweet lolita in recent years. Makeup is usually light and neutral.


Common accessories include Bows, Headresses, hats or minihats and decorative headbands for headwear,  light-colored Stockings, skin tights, or knee-highs with lace tops , legwear, Parasols, bags, and jewelry with common sweet lolita motifs.



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There are many brands that sell Sweet Lolita clothing, as it is one of the most common styles. Brand is usually very expensive, and can sometimes be of better quality than offbrand. Angelic Pretty , Baby, The Stars Shine Bright , and Metamorphose Temps de Fille are all Brands that sell Sweet Lolita Clothing.


There are many companies that sell Sweet Lolita that are not considered "Brand" or "Burando", but are considerably less expensive, and many lolitas choose to purchase off-brand to add to their wardrobe without dealing with the cost of brand. Some companies will offer replicas of popular brand clothing for a lower price. Bodyline , Anna House, Dream of Lolita, and Infanta are all companies that sell sweet lolita clothing.

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