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Victorian Maiden is a japanese brand focusing on Classic Lolita. It is considered one of the core brands of the style along with Innocent World.


The concept of IW is a elegant and coquettish victorian style suitable for modern women. Compared to other brands, the dresses often feature waist ties and are adjustable in size. Their series "Classical Doll", "Rose Lace Ribbon", and "Cotton Frill Doll" are some of their typical designs and get re-released on a regular basis. There are also many series like "Rococo Banquet", "Rose Garden", and "Regimental Stripe" which are often renewed in new designs.

They used to have a store in Osaka, but it has closed in 2018. A great advantages of this brand is that they don't have "reservation discount", meaning you don't need to hurry in order to get a good deal on a new release.


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